Geography can take you places: Careers with Geography

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Last week I was part of a team leading an ‘Insight to Geography’ day at the University of Manchester for a group of Year 10 Gifted and Talented students. One of the sessions focused on careers with Geography. It was really rewarding to talk so many students who wanted to continue to study Geography and one day end up in a career that uses. It. Some of the key points I tried to get across (using some of the fabulous careers resources from the RGS and GA):

There are a whole range of skills developed through the studying of Geography

  • Knowledge of cultural, political, economic and environmental issues, from local to international level.
  • Appreciation of diversity, issues of globalisation, environmental sustainability, multiculturalism and citizenship (people and places).
  • Project management including planning, execution and evaluation; this involves skills such as time-management, risk-assessment, problem solving and analysis.
  • Integrating, analysing and synthesising complex…

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