Decorating with Maps

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For me, there’s nothing quite like an old map. It’s a window into the past, to the way we once lived. Everything about it is from a specific moment in time – the printing technique, typefaces, atlas creases, coloring, and of course the geographic features of the map itself. I have three antique maps (two are reproductions) custom framed and hanging in my home. They are the only things I actually stop to look at on a virtually daily basis, and they are quite the conversation pieces when we entertain guests.

1876 Map of Genesee County, NY

Several years ago I purchased (on Ebay) an 1876 atlas map of Genesee County, NY – where I was born and raised. This is hanging in my second floor hallway, outside of my son’s room. I love how colorful the map is – no two adjacent towns are the same hue. It would look great just about anywhere.


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One Comment on “Decorating with Maps”

  1. Maps are what got me interested to travel/tourism marketing. I love nautical maps. Local tourism maps are great too because they almost speak another, strictly local visual language.

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