Aurora Islandica – a Northern Lights Timelapse

Great Post. Awesome Video


My favorite time-lapse Aurora Borealis. I watch this over and over and never get me bored. I’ve put this video on my iPod and usually watch it before sleep, so I can have a beautiful night dreams. I am obsessed!

This video is by Agust Ingvarsson. This is what he said about his work:

This is my first attempt at a timelapse sequence. This was shot from December 2010 to March 2011 in Iceland. When I started this project I was hoping to get more footage but the weather has been difficult, there has been a dense cloud cover here almost every day since last christmas.

This is inspired by Tor Even´s awesome aurora timelapse:

I recommend going full-screen and speakers/headphones turned way up!

Images imported into Lightroom and tweaked, exported to jpeg and then into Quicktime Pro(thanks to Philip Bloom for making an excellent tutorial).

Canon 7D

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