Anything But Square

Colorado, you’re so cool with your ski towns, rustic ranches, and your all-round adventurous outlook on life. Even though you have borders that follow lines of latitude and longitude, you’re anything but square.

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Colorado Poster


Welcome to Bikini Country

Welcome to Florida, America’s sexy state. It’s filled with oranges, vacation homes, theme parks, and beaches- lots and lots of beaches. The people here are serious about chilling out. If you ask me, I think we could all take a page from the book of Florida.

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Florida Poster Art 



The Land Of Lincoln

Don’t mess with Illinois. It’s the 5th most populous state, the home of Chicago, and the land of Lincoln. Above all, Illinois is a place with a drive that is tenacious enough to sustain the audacious dreams that it forges. Located in the heart of the Midwest, this state is America’s true backbone.

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Illinois Poster

My Maine man!

I lead. That is the translation of Maine’s Latin motto. It’s a bold definition of character, and one to be admired. Trust me, if you can manage find it through the fog, you’ll find that Maine is a treasure worth searching for. 

Today we feature a strong vibrant piece that captures the heart of Maine, making it my Maine man!

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Maine Poster Art



It may be 17th in population and 36th in size, but Tennessee is #1 in soul. From the Great Smokey Mountains to Graceland, this rustic state is famous for its raw musical heritage and hardy citizens like B.B. King and Davy Crockett.

Cheers to Tennessee!

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Tennessee Poster

That’s My Ohio!

Here is another sample from the 50 States Design Project. That’s My-O Hio.

Ohio – home to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Akron native LeBron James. Underrated state of the day. This particular piece shows how proud of their state Ohioans really are!

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Ohio Poster

Full 50 States Design Project, Framed & For Sale

The 50 States Design Project is for sale! It hung in the Grand Rapids Art Museum for a year and is now available. 

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50 States Design Project