Type City Poster Project: Great Lake Cities

Geographic Designer is back with a third poster project to follow up the 50 States Design Project and Provincial Patterns Project. It’s called the Type City Poster Project, a design initiative and branding exercise undertaken by Joshua Best. For each city, a unique typeface is chosen to match the city’s personality. In addition to the face and layout, three Pantone colors are selected to represent the city’s attributes. Here’s the first installment: 12 posters of cities in the Great Lakes Region.



That’s My Ohio!

Here is another sample from the 50 States Design Project. That’s My-O Hio.

Ohio – home to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Akron native LeBron James. Underrated state of the day. This particular piece shows how proud of their state Ohioans really are!

Get this ode to Ohio today.

Ohio Poster